February 21, 2024 8:01 am
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Lombardo’s Absences Raise Questions On Readiness for Governor Role

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Joe Lombardo, current Clark County Sheriff and Republican candidate for Governor of Nevada, has faced recent criticism based on reports of multiple absences from his workplace while on the campaign trail.

Records show that many of these absences have been due to Lombardo’s private air travel to unknown locations outside of the state of Nevada. His campaign finance records show that Lombardo has received over $16,000 in in-kind contributions for private airfare.

The sheriff has faced criticism for leaving his home state while crime rates soar in Clark County this year, leaving many voters to question his preparedness for the governor role and his dedication to Nevadan issues.

These reports come only a few months after the Nevada State Ethics Panel scheduled a hearing to review Lombardo’s use of official government resources for his campaign, including a potential violation of state statute by using his badge and uniform on the campaign trail.

Lombardo’s attempt to balance his campaign and his current role as sheriff have left many Nevada voters skeptical about the sheriff’s priorities as the gubernatorial election in November rapidly approaches.

As partially reported on by Tabitha Mueller of The Nevada Independent and Dana Gentry of the Nevada Current.

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