June 16, 2024 7:57 pm
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Nevada DMV Blames Staffing Shortage for Continued Inefficiency

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Staff Writer

Staffing shortage now appears to be the biggest challenge faced by the Nevada DMV. Although it has tried to improve efficiency by transitioning to an appointment-only system starting in August, the new system has yet to yield promising results. According to the Public Information Officer for the Nevada DMV, even though they had added 4000 new appointment slots per week when initially switching to the new system, the challenges posed by the staffing shortage simply made it impossible to schedule these appointments. 

People have frequently expressed their frustration with the DMV’s new system, complaining that they couldn’t book an appointment less than a month out. What adds to the discontent is that when people try to call, the system often fails to connect them to an employee. Nonetheless, the Nevada DMV is seeking alternative solutions to improve the situation. They have recently provided walk-in options for those new Nevada residents seeking to transfer out-of-state licenses and apply for vehicle registration.