July 24, 2024 5:13 pm
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NV leaders discuss future of IVF, abortion in the Silver State


Alex Gonzalez, Public News Service

State Rep. Susie Lee – D-Las Vegas – said she wants women in Nevada and across the country to wake up, as she contends far-right extremists are wanting to restrict in-vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive technology.

Lee joined her Democratic colleagues in calling for the passage of the Access to Family Building Act, which would establish a legal right to IVF and other services – overriding the state’s effort to limit or ban access as was achieved in Alabama.

As someone who used IVF to have her own family, Lee said she feels like it is an important piece of legislation.

“I feel that any Republican who says we support IVF should be signing on to that,” said Lee. “Instead, what we’ve seen are these non-binding resolutions. Well, if you really believe that women should have a right and families should have a right to pursue and build a family, then sign onto the bill.”

Lee said only one House Republican has signed on to support the Access to Family Building Act.

In the Silver State, a coalition of reproductive rights groups have launched an effort to place an amendment on the November ballot to safeguard abortion rights in the Nevada constitution.

Organizers say they’ll also aim to use frustration over the recent Alabama ruling to garner support for their ballot measure.

Alexa Solis is deputy director for the nonpartisan and nonprofit organization called Planned Parenthood Votes Nevada.

She said while it is too early to say what the Alabama decision means for IVF as a whole, she says we live in a world where people travel to states like Nevada where abortion is legal.

“So if there were more rulings or legislation or other actions that would take us in the direction of this Alabama decision,” said Solis, “you could see a world in which people are once again forced to travel for care that they should be able to get in their home state.”

According to a recent CBS News-YouGov poll, an overwhelming majority of Americans believe IVF should be legal.

The poll was conducted following Alabama’s court ruling which ruled that frozen embryos should be considered people.

This article originally appeared on Public News Service and is republished here under a Creative Commons license.