July 24, 2024 4:45 pm
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Silver State’s Democratic Report Card

Credit: iStock

Mohamed Bughrara

Nevada is one of the nation’s best state-level democracies, with robust voting rules and safeguards against corruption. According to the 2022 State Democracy Report Card,Nevada’s overall grade resulted in an “A”, ranking the Silver State 8th in the nation—tied alongside Massachusetts. There is room for improvement, particularly when it comes to the state’s campaign funding and ethics regulations.

Voting Rights Legislation

Grade: A (Tied for 6th in the nation)

Nevada’s voting rights rules are quite strict. If the state improves its average wait time to vote, which was little more than 15 minutes in the 2020 election, it will receive a perfect score.

In 2021, the state implemented vote-by-mail and approved legislation making it simpler for Native American reservations to seek ballot drop boxes.

Democracy Subversion Protections

Grade: A (Tied for 5th in the nation)

Nevada has nearly flawless scores for resisting democracy subversion, with the exception of redistricting. In Nevada, the legislature creates the maps, which has resulted in political confrontations during this redistricting cycle.

Nevada should establish an impartial redistricting body to ensure fair maps and partisanship-free redistricting.

Campaign Finance and Anti-Corruption Laws

Grade: C (28th in the nation)

Nevada’s campaign finance and ethics regulations may be improved in a number of ways, most notably by creating strict limits for independent spenders.

Nevada scored 231 out of 300. Some noteworthy developments are this year’s slate of statewide Republican candidates like US Senate nominee Adam Laxalt attempted to prevent the 2020 election results from being certified, Secretary of State candidate Jim Marchant persists in disseminating misinformation that the 2020 election was stolen, and Attorney General candidate Sigal Chattah has deep ties to the criminal conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results.