June 18, 2024 7:42 pm
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Energy regulator nominees face Senate committee

President Joe Biden’s three nominees to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission faced questions from a U.S. Senate committee Thursday, with senators probing their views on fossil fuels and climate policy, the reliability of the nation’s electric grid and gas delivery system, and how to handle the pressing need for new electric transmission lines, among other topics.

Electricity, natural gas bills expected to fall in April

An extended economic hangover caused by high electric and natural gas bills for Nevada ratepayers will begin to subside in April, as the exorbitant cost of natural gas in 2022 and early 2023, coupled with higher usage resulting from frigid temperatures that winter, fall off the 12-month rolling average used by NV Energy and Southwest Gas to calculate bills.

Lawmakers need statewide lithium plan, says conservation group

There are more than 80 lithium projects proposed on Nevada’s public lands as the nation races to power the green energy transition. Now conservation groups are looking to state lawmakers to establish a rule-making process that would help reduce the establishment of mines in areas of greatest conflict.